Enhance Collaboration and Automate Business Processes using an ECM

04 Apr

The use of shared folders as a means of allowing multiple persons to access documents may seem like an efficient approach but in a world where decisions taken minutes too late could cost millions there is a greater need for more efficient solutions.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems provides a more efficient means of storing, searching and capturing hard and soft copies of your documents. An ECM also allows greater collaboration by allowing the assignment of business rules and workflows to your documents. Unlike traditional shared folders an ECM allows owners of content such as Word files to be able to share their content without the intervention of a Systems Administrator.

Lets say you work in insurance and your business process dictates the following. The collections department collects applications from potential customers and reviews them for completeness. If the collected application is complete route to your risk department, if the application is incomplete reject the application. The risk department will either approve the application and assign an insurance cost or reject the application. The risk departments’ decision can be communicated via email to both the customer and the collections department.

By assigning business rules to these applications, if-then-else logic can be applied to these documents. Metadata can be added to documents to store the validity, the decision taken on a application and any other Metadata deemed useful. This Metadata can be used as conditions in your business logic.

At LTGJAMAICA we want to help your company become as efficient as possible.

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