Large Layer 2 Domains and Vmotion

20 Sep

Vmware V-motion requires physical hosts to be in the same layer two domain. This goes against the grain in networks that were built around the principle of reducing the size and reach of broadcast domains.Layer 2 broadcast domains reduces the bandwidth available to our applications due to effect of frame flooding and also because Spanning tree’s operation disables redundant paths in our layer 2 networks.

Vmotion’s layer 2 requirement may be one of major reason why Flat layer 2 networks are being optimized.These optimization’s mitigate against the effects of broadcasts and unknown Unicast flooding which wastes network bandwidth.TRILL which is not really necessary to support Vmotion, has been developed to replace spanning tree in bandwidth intensive use cases that need all links to be forwarding at once. The existence of applications that require huge Flat networks will ensure the continued evolution of the layer 2 switching space and thus augment the simple plug N play nature of Ethernet networks that most people appreciate.








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