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My Software Defined Networking Wishlist

The primary goal i would be seeking to meet when i decide to implement Open Flow or some other SDN framework is management simplicity.Below i have listed two things that i hope SDN will address when it becomes main stream in enterprises.

Automatic VLAN Grafting

Connectivity issues resulting from the absence of Vlans on trunk links is a common problem that network techs face when provisioning access ports.SDN can be really valuable if it is able to graft vlans to trunk links based on learnt layer two traffic flow.

Advanced Optimized Edge Routing that integrates QOS

Currently OER/PFR is unable to implement QOS policy decisions on flows that are not operating within a certain threshold. An OPEN FLOW controller that implements QOS policies while managing policies below edge devices such as those in the network core would greatly enhance policy based routing design and overall network architecture design.

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Multi Tenant data centers being used to provide cloud services has led to a number of network requirements that are difficult to meet using VRF, Q-In-Q or other tunneling techniques.A Cloud data center customer needs to be able to provision network resources such as virtual switches and RFC 1918 IP addresses  without needing to consider similar resources being used by other tenants. Software Defined networking seeks to provide an END-to-END virtual network that consists of virtual forwarding tables ,virtual routers,virtual switches and controllers.  Software Defined Networking can be used to create logical networks that consist of virtual network gear. SDN tracks the state of the underlying physical data center network along with the overlaying virtual networks.

State changes are recorded and the Physical or Logical components affected by these said state changes are configured to have their settings and operations updated to support the changes made by the data center’s customer. Software defined networking’s ability to provide distributed,rule driven control of large physical network elements presents a new way of virtualizing network resources.


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HTML5 May Make Mobile Apps Redundant

Mobile Applications are the rage right now and as they like to say they is an APP for everything or almost everything.

With the move to mobile, users are now able to access services from anywhere using any of three popular Mobile Operating Systems,this convenience is cool but comes with a  few disadvantages that i feel will lead to Apps becoming a thing of that past on mobile devices,especially smart phones.

The memory used by some apps make them unsuitable for lower end devices.

The functionality of some mobile apps such as facebook for android is way below that of a Web Browser on a PC

Mobile Apps require frequent updates which have to be downloaded to your device,A HTML5 browser based app can be upgraded from the server side

The development effort required in app development may be a little higher than native wep app development. While most mobile apps are developed in JAVA there will still be some tweaking required on a per OS basis for things to work out. If apps are developed in a device agnostic manner, developers will be able to quickly reach a wide market and a larger ecosystem in one development cycle.

HTML5 has the potential to not only replace FLASH but also to provide app functionality in a web browser. HTML5 supports offline apps, Multimedia APIs and Built-in database support. Drag an drop functionality along with with the ability to utilize existing scripting language means that existing web programmers will still be able to leverage existing skills to create rich application experiences. By executing complex code on the server side,low end phones with a capable browser may be able to provide their owners with the capabilities currently provided by apps.

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