Govnet should be our precursor to A J-CLOUD

23 Apr


The Jamaica Government has plans to launch one huge network that spans all major Government agencies and ministries called Govnet.The economies of scale that can be created by Govnet are significant but our government should consider taking things a step further.All agencies of government are responsible for purchasing software and hardware to meet their respective needs. One of the main benefits of Virtualization and by extension multi tenant cloud infrastructure is the optimization of hardware resource utilization.

The cost of maintaining various IT infrastructures is significant so it would be wise to create on top of the E-Learning Jamaica physical network an MPLS based Govnet network which will interconnect all Government agencies. This Govnet can be used as the highway serving information from the governments cloud called J-Cloud or any suitable identifier. A J-Cloud can provide Desktops as a service,Email,Unified communications and host applications that are peculiar to each government agency. The infrastructure could be deployed using Flex Pods or Vblocks available from multiple vendors such as MS, Netapp and Vmware.

Flex Pods and Vblocks are integrated vendor certified solutions consisting of Storage, Hypervisors, virtualization and Network equipment that is used to deploy Cloud Infrastructures,they prevent the customer from having to build their clouds in piecemeal manner using equipment and software that is not certified to work together.

The benefits of a J-Cloud are:

1: Optimization of IT hardware utilization

2: Reduced Licensing cost since all agencies can potentially access one set of licenses

3:  Effective collaboration and access to data via cloud hosted virtual desktops which can be accessed on many  mobile devices

4: Increased access to applications by all agencies

5: Ability to Scale Up as needed by adding infrastructure components as needed

Future government wide infrastructure projects such as Internet Telephony encompassing all agencies.

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