10 Apr

The days of business’s using expensive T1 lines and leased circuits are now coming to an end. MPLS and Metro Ethernet WAN solutions have now become the main WAN technologies being employed by most medium to large organizations with multiple branches such as banks.

While the advantages of these new high bandwidth WAN solutions are many, most small businesses especially those in Jamaica may not be able to foot the cost of acquiring even the most basic MPLS or Metro Ethernet WAN services.

Well a small business owner need not worry about creating his own Wide Area Network.Small businesses owners who are unable to finance the cost of these new WANs need to leverage Virtual Private Network (VPN) Technologies and the Low cost of High Capacity residential internet packages to create Wide area networks that are based upon site to site VPNS.

Three small stores each having an entry level router,a static ip address and a small business class broad band service can easily construct their own small WAN that can be used to transmit business,email and ip video data between these branches.This solution while not as scalable as the solutions sold by service providers, provides a cost effect way of providing wide area connectivity at a fraction of the cost.

Lowering Branch Office Connectivity Costs

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